Reader’s Club Activities

Reader’s club Activities

01 Club Formation August Fourth Saturday Member registration, committee formation
02 Inauguration of Reader’s Club September Fourth Saturday Beginning of Reader’s Club activities for the session
03 Book Fairs 03 times in a year By external agencies
04 International School Library Day (ISLD) 26 Oct. 2009 Talk by an eminent Librarian and other activities
05 Children’s Day 09-15 Nov.2009 Exhibition of books on or by Jawaharlal Nehru .Competitions
06 National Library Week 14-21 Nov. 2009 1. Book review
2. Designing book jackets
3. Story telling
4. Book Talks
5. Author & Books quiz
6. Designing Bookmarks
07 Competitions Through out the year

Nov.Fourth Saturday 1. Bookmark designing competition
2.Debate on Influence of Technology & Reading Habits
08 Library Visit January 2009 State Central library/Children’s Library
09 Screening of VCDs Once in a month Screening of Educational and issue based VCDs for children
10 Valedictory Function April 2009 Prize distribution


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