International Conference

International conference on Book culture from 4 feb 2010- 6 feb 2010 at New delhi

Session 1
Developing Libraries for Children
Public Libraries

Ingrid Kallstrom Nilsson, Pia Cronholm Children’s librarians,Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Sook Hyeun Lee,Director,
National Library for Children and Young Adults, Seoul

School Libraries

Madhu Bhargava, Dean, Library and Information Technology,GD Goenka World School, New Delhi

Libraries for Special Children

Madhavi Menon,Social activist in children’s education

Home Libraries -Bunko libraries

Takao Muryama ,Former Director-General of Children’s Literature, National ,Diet Library, Tokyo

The Role of Publishers

Arvind Kumar,Publisher, A & A Book Trust, New Delhi

The Role of Illustrators

Elizabeth Lee, Associate Professor, Language and Literacy, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, Canada

The Role of Authors

Ken Spillman, Award winning Author, Australia

The Role of Translators

Varsha Das, Author, Translator,Director, National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi

Session 3
Children’s Library Services
Chairperson: Dr. S.P. Singh, Department of Library Science and Information, University of Delhi

The Role of Librarians

Ingrid Bon, Chairperson, Section IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults, Netherlands

The Hook to Reading

Felicia Chan, Associate Librarian, National Library Board, Singapore

Selection of Books

Ramani Rao, Librarian, B.C.Roy Children’s Library, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi

Mobile Libraries

Dr. Manga Devi, Founder, Sri Venkateswar Bal Kutir, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Children’s Library Services

Ziba Mirzapur, House of Librarians, Iran

6th February 2010
Session 4
Children’s Libraries as Catalysts of Social Change
Chairperson: Chetna Kohli, Programme Officer (Education), UNICEF
Books where there are None

Sunisha Ahuja,‘Room To Read’ Regional Programme Director, Asia Region

Reading for Recovery

Murti Bunanta, President of the Society for the Advancement of Children’s Literature, Indonesia

Changing Attitudes

Rukmani Banerjee ,Pratham

NGO Libraries
Nirmala Pendharkar, Convener, ‘Pan Poi’ Children’s Library,Pune
A Book Culture to Build Bridges (Promotion of universal values)

Indra Nath Chowdhery ,Former Chairperson, Nehru House, London; Secretary, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi

Strategies for Promoting Reading through Parents

Hafsah Yasin ,Senior Librarian, National Library Board, Singapore

Digital Libraries to Promote Reading/ Library Services

Barbara Scharioth, Former Director, International Youth Library, Munich
One World One Dream (Promotion of friendship, tolerance and peace)

Ellis Vance, Librarian; Treasurer, International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)


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