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Kendriya Vidyalaya School Library Blog …

Welcome to our blog. A place for students and their families so that you can see what goes on in our library, the books we love, and get help with homework and assignments. The blog is a mix of the interesting, the helpful, the quirky and the fun! Comments are welcome,  you can submit reviews and suggestions to Vilas Vernekar, the librarian at vilasvernekar@rediffmail.com.  

Our school is located in Bangalore, India.  

“A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.”- Lemony Snicket  



Kendriya Vidyalaya ASC has a exquisite library located on the First floor of the Main building, blends traditional print resources with an array of electronic collections and services. Its design accommodates small groups, individual readers, and large group instruction. In addition to computer section for Students we do have the facility features cozy areas for quiet reading; expanded reference, journal and career sections; and growing video and audio book collections.  


Students and teachers visit the library regularly, including a dedicated ‘reading period’ when students can develop a love of books and reading.  

The School Library of Kendriya Vidyalaya, ASC Bangalore stands high up to the information needs of 2649 students and 100 staff members of the Vidyalaya. With a collection of 21000 thoughtfully selected books, 54 Periodicals and Educational Multimedia the library complement the teaching learning process inspiring the students to dream high. 





The library and its staff are dedicated to provide the best collection and service to children, educators and parents.
Students come along with class during their library slot as well independently. 
Children are encouraged to start reading at an early age, and for primary students there are series of books including Noddy, the Enid Blyton series and many other interesting story books and comics appealing to young readers.
For light reading we have a series of books by Pearl . S. Buck, Agatha Christie, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum, Jeffery Archer, Lloyd C. Douglas, Wilbur Smith and many others. These are for primarily for teachers and Higher Secondary Students.
Newspapers and magazines containing current events are available on a separate stand for student and teacher reference. Computer systems are available in the library and children can book in advance a time slot of half an hour with the librarian . 

Library automation is fully completed in all respect software used egranthalaya from NIC



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  1. This website is very informative. However, I think it need to be redesigned.

  2. This website is very informative ,Student is very informational proved by school

  3. Thanks for sharing this website is very useful, I was also the student of KV, Vikas puri.

    Thanks for this informative website


  4. When looking for reliable information, too many students just search Google. Many sites use search engine optimization tricks to move their pages up in search engine search results. This has nothing to do with merit.

    Consider recommending to students search engines that include only sites previously recommended by librarians, teachers and library and educator consortia. Two such sites are Infotopia ( http://www.infotopia.info ) and the Virtual Learning Resources Center ( http://www.virtuallrc.com .)

    Dr. Michael Bell & Carole Bell
    Former Chair, Texas Association of School Librarians
    Carole is presently librarian at Cathey Middle School, McAllen, TX.
    Retired school and university librarian
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    webmasters at http://www.infotopia.info
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  5. Sir, wonderful work.
    Hope other librarians get inspiration from you. Keep it up. Iam the librarian from Chennai, KV OCF AVADI
    Darsana G my blog : http://librarykvocf.wordpress.com

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