Personal Benifits-Reading

*Opens doors to imagination.New inventions will not be possible without imagination.
**Stairs one’s feelings and emotion..

**Develops understanding of other people. It makes one a sensitive caring human..

** Helps in nurturing a positive outlook.It expands one’s world..

**children discover a richer quality of life thought in books..

**Becomes part of family heritage.Establishes a lifelong reading habit..

**While the computer gives you information,reading helps you with formation..

**It is fun- wholesome,worthwhile and clean. Gives hours of healthy pleasure..

Educational benifits-READING
* Reading is the key to knowledge.
*Gives educational advantage.Studies show that children who read,do better in school. Also helps with developing language skills..
*Develops independance as a learner.They develop the skill of learning on their own rather than expect parental support.
* Helps to build concentration..
*Builds the desire to read- practice makes perfect..

children and books

Let’s bring them together

The importance of reading

The more you read, the more you know

The more you know, the smarter you grow

The smarter you grow,the stronger your voice

When speaking your mind,or making your choice